There are certain attractions offered by the Hotel Oksana which will help you to relax after a tense day. Gambling, logic, sports… There are lots of great games in the world but the is only one that includes all of this at a time! Its name is billiards.

The complex of the Hotel Oksana includes a modern hall for billiards where you can relax after an exhausting day of business meetings or long excursions by playing billiards. At your service there is a table of Russian billiards.

Billiards – is a great game for relaxation, a pleasant chat with friends and an ideal method to distract from routine and problems. And if the sauna is near, then you can plan an unbelievable holiday.

We invite you to relax and play billiards in Busk in the Hotel Oksana. Great Russian billiards, beautifully decored hall, sauna and a pool – all of this is in one place, in the Hotel Oksana! Qualified service and delicious cuisine will please you and your friends.

We invite you to play billiards in the Hotel Oksana!