Who does not like to get warm in a nice sauna? We invite you to visit the sauna of the Hotel Oksana which is in the centre of Busk. Here you can dive in the atmosphere of calmness and balance! In the sauna there are great wooden tables, benches and a swimming pool. Wonderful service, delicious cuisine and crystal water in the pool.

The sauna of the Hotel Oksana is built with a traditional technology using natural wood. You will be sure about it after the first visit when you will feel mild and clear aroma of wood.

We have created all conditions for you to get a real pleasure and feel happiness after visiting the sana in the Hotel Oksana.

The sauna helps to relax aften tense days, fills you with energy and undoubtedly distracts you from all problems. We invite you to bask in the sauna and then book a cozy room in the Hotel Oksana. After such vacation you can easily begin a new working week. 

Visit the Hotel Oksana to relax with your body and soul!