Pearls of the region

While traveling around Lviv region, Lviv citizens and guests of the region have ensured that our region has endless fields, mighty forests, unforgettable views and, thanks to Euro 2012, nice roads. In addition to this components of a successful trip add a comfortable auto and cheerful company. Now it’s time to go on a trip and get maximum of positive emotions! Go to the wold of precious and impermanent history.

While traveling around our region, you could not noticed unforgettable pearls of our region – famous castles of Lviv region. Paving the tourist route to Busk, do not avoid visiting the castles that are invaluable legacy for all the Ukrainians. Lviv region gives everybody a chance to feel the history and personally see places where many centuries ago brave knights were fighting and dying for hearts and eyes of their beloved lady. You will ask: where can we see this? Only in the castles of Lviv region!

Think about your journey in a way so as not to miss a tourist route «Golden Horseshoe of Lviv region». It is probably the best variant for the travellers that want to get a maximum of positive emotions and new impressions in a short period of time. Unforgettable pearls of architecture – Olesko, Pidhirtsi and Zolochiv castles. Landmarks are located not far from each other so you can visit all of them in a day. Accustom your kids to the beauty. It will be also interesting for them to see medieval architecture and ancient history.

We recommend you to start a journey from Olesko Castle which is located50 kmfrom Lviv. The castle is not only known for incredible architecture but also for certain historical facts which you can learn during the excursion. It is known that Polish king Jan Sobiesky was born in Olesko Castle and later Bohdan Khmelnytskyy spent there his childhood. Nowadays, Olesko Castle is a museum of Lviv Art Gallery and in the basement of the castle there is a museum of torturing.

On the same way, in 5 km from Olesko Castle there is a Pidhirtsi village. Pidhirtsi Castle was built in 1640 as a defense complex. Unbelievable, but the castle was one of the best complexes in Europe. At first, Pidhirtsi Castle belonged to Polish families.

There is an interesting fact about Pidhirtsi Castle for admirers of the other world. There is a legend that a ghost of White Lady lives in the castle. American and Ukrainian psychics confirmed the fact that the ghosts in the castle can be found almost in every corner. To believe it or not, it is your choice. But a lot of fans of the other world will want to tickle their nerves.

Now Pidhirtsi Castle is under reconstruction so you will not be able to get inside it. But it is available for everyone to see unique architecture of the facade of the castle. You can walk in a park near Pidhirtsi Castle, enjoy picturesque views which attracted brave conquerors and tender ladies of the Middle ages many centuries ago.

We travel on. In16 kmfrom Pidhirtsi Castle there is Zolochiv Castle. Unlike previous castles, Zolochiv complex was a prison, the royal residence and the educational institution. Despite the fact that Zolochiv Castle suffered many attacks and sieges, it is now an architectural monument accessible to tourists.

And when your body is tired of walking around the landmarks and your soul and heart are full of unforgettable impressions, it is the right time to go to Busk where in the centre of the city locates a comfortable hotel complex Oksana. In the Hotel Oksana it is more cozy than in the castles of Lviv region, you can believe me. Here skilled chefs will serve you so delicious as at home and after an exhausting walk will offer you comfortable rooms. If you will stay in the Hotel Oksana for more time, you will have an opportunity to get warm in the sauna or to play billiards.

If you have not seen all the castles of our region in one day, divide your journey into several stages. Firstly, visit one complex, return to the Hotel Oksana, and then continue your trip. Get a fresh portion of strength in our rooms and then you will get more aesthetics and usefulness from excursion.

Wecome to Lviv region!